My story

Who I am...

  • my amazing + inspiring husband (in the photo!)
  • villains (notably Lord Voldemort and Jafar)
  • hip hop
  • NOT being on social media (in an effort to live more authentically and productively)
  • inspiring creatives: Freddie Mercury, Elizabeth Gilbert, Albert Einstein, Bhupender Nath

I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, and graduated high school with two passions: performing arts and mathematics. Wanting to pursue both at a higher level in college,  I searched for dual-degree programs that allowed me to do so. Eventually, I landed at and graduated from Eastman School of Music with a Voice degree and the University of Rochester with a Business degree.

Since graduating, I have been an actor, singer, and dancer based in New York City. My rigorous academic background has informed my work deeply as an artist. It has manifested in me being both left-brained and right-brained - logic-driven and creative. It also primed me to stay committed to the work, rather than the outcome.

In addition to performing, I also have a flexible job in New York and remotely as a product manager for an online computer science curriculum provider - Edhesive. There, I help build computer science courses for grades 6-12, used by thousands of students across the country.






...what I love

  • a true Pisces
  • a BIG nerd
  • a creative problem solver
  • a collaborator
  • a dark comedienne (on stage and off)